Brian always told the best stories. Our paths crossed for the first time during my very first week at the University of Calgary. Brian and his best friend Nick were my U of C 101 leaders. I thought I was pretty lucky to have the best-looking leaders in the whole organization, I just didn’t know then that I would have friends for life. More than pretty faces, they made my first week the most welcoming experience ever and I blame Nick and Brian for getting me involved in Rugby, they talked about it so passionately that I couldn’t resist. If they hadn’t I wouldn’t have ever met Joah.

Brian and I would run into each other frequently during my first year. He was always quick to ask how school was going. Every time we saw each other he would have stories to tell. Being the snobby first year I was, I was a little wierded out that every time I saw this guy he would have something new to say. However, Brian didn’t seem to notice and shortly there after I would find myself looking forward to our next run-in to hear all the news.

Never one to miss adventure, I was not at all surprised when I heard that Brian was having such a good time in New Zealand that he wasn’t going to come back. Lucky for him he did, because shortly after Joah appeared on the scene.

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