Ska sucks? Surely not

“If you check out a Hogpuncher thread on there are a bunch of ska-haters in the city,” Kenny Wickson says about his new band’s reception on the ‘scene.’ “I don’t know, maybe they just listened to a lot of Propagandhi as a kid.”

Those that fear change will probably not like the idea of the very first Calgary ska band cutting in on the pop punk bullshit that seems to dominate the airwaves these days, but I am all for it.

"A lot of people tell me that I sound a lot like Gwen [Stefani], and don’t get me wrong she has a great voice, but I think I have my own sound," Miesha Louie tells me while describing her duty on the mic.

"Yeah, they only say that because she is a chick," Kenny chimes in.

Being a ska band with a female lead singer seems to immediately toss a band into a certain, limited category, but after you hear them, you will know that they are much more versatile band than their counterparts.

For now, Hogpuncher is just a four-piece band with Miesha on vocals and sax, Kenny on guitar, Jay on bass and the "nutty" Pat on drums.

"We tried jamming with a trombone player, but we just didn’t seem to click," explains Jay. "So for now we are going to keep it to just the four of us for as long as we can."

Even without the full brass section, these guys have a great sound that is definitely a welcome change to the stale local scene. Let’s hope the trend doesn’t die out and we can look forward to a lot more ska bands around town.

If you do want to sample their music and get some updates, you can look them up online at They are also supporting Calgary punk rock vets Rum Runner at the Castle Pub (1217 1st Street SW) on Sat., Oct. 25. Tickets are $3 at the door and if you haven’t been to the Castle for punk rock bingo, you should definitely check the place out. Oi!

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