Story in a box

“The show Tasty is going to be a smorgasbord of dance elements,” says Dancer’s Studio West Executive Director Damon Johnston.

The In TranzDance collective will present a performance of Tasty at Dancer’s Studio West through Oct. 25.

In TranzDance is a collective of works by choreographers Laurie Montemurro, Jason Stroh and Nicole Tritter. Each choreographer is well-known in the Calgary dance community and will be bringing their own personal flair, style and spice to the collective.

"The work that Laurie Montemurro will be presenting is based on a character she has been developing called Mrs. Nos Et Al," says Johnson. "This character has been a continuation of her study of clown work and contemporary dance.

"[His work is] cerebral and meticulous," continues Johnson, on Stroh’s work. "His physical vocabulary is continuously developing and thoroughly thought through."

Tritter’s work is a touch more eclectic. She leans to the exotic or erotic and deals with explorations in the human body.

This is the first dance show that Dancer’s Studio West is presenting this season, and the fact it includes the works of three very diverse choreographers is exciting. This combination is sure to tantalize the palate, a Tasty treat indeed.

All shows start at 8:00 p.m.

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