Used Bookstore Changes

After 19 years of paper and cash, the Used Bookstore has finally bought a computer.

To improve the service of the Used Bookstore, the Students’ Legislative Council has approved two major developments. Within the next semester, the Used Bookstore will move onto the ground floor of MacEwan Student Centre along with the Copy Centre. The new retailer will be called Bound and Copied, and is one of the last phases of the ongoing redevelopment of the student centre.

Additionally, the Used Bookstore has upgraded its consignment system. This new system gets rid of those pink paper slips that are lost or stolen and ensure that every student that sells his or her book can receive his or her money. The consignment system is simple to use. First, you go to the Used Bookstore and tell them the price that you would like to sell the book for. By going to the Students’ Union website at, you can enter your student ID number and check to see if your book has been sold. If it has, click on the little dollar sign next to your book so that your cheque will be printed for you within the next few weeks. After the next posted cheque run, go down to the Used Bookstore to get your cheque. You can also find any books on sale in the Used Bookstore online, as well as the average and lowest prices of these books. Within the year, we hope to be able to set up the system so that it will automatically send an email to your account telling you that your book is sold and when you can pick up your cheque.

There have been a few challenges for the new system that have resulted in some cheque printing delays and confusion for some students. We ask that you bear with us with these growing pains as we are working to address these concerns.

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