The Chemical Brothers

Winter is just around the corner, and it’s hard not to be nostalgic, even a little sentimental, as we see leaves falling and search our closets for thermal pyjamas. Just as fall makes us think back to the summer we just enjoyed, The Chemical Brothers’ Singles 93-03 by takes me back, way back, to junior high and high school when music was a drug and I was on it.

From the first track, "Song To The Siren," recorded by Tom and Ed as one of their first as Dust Brothers, to the last new tracks "Get Yourself High" (with K-OS) and "The Golden Path" (with The Flaming Lips), Singles 93-03 is an excellent collection of the music that shook up the United Kingdom and American dance scenes, showing The Chemical Brothers as one of the original artists in the ’90s to mix genres and make it work well into the new millennium.

With classics like "Block Rockin’ Beats," "Hey Boy Hey Girl," "Let Forever Be" and "Setting Sun" sandwiched between early work and new offerings, anyone who claims to have been a music fan in the ’90s should own this album.

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