Finger Eleven

After Finger Eleven’s second disc, Greyest of Blue Skies, I didn’t think they would ever be able to top it. They haven’t–yet.

The self-titled third disc from the Canadian band is a little softer and nowhere near as angry as their previous work. It is a strong rock disc though, and the band has paid more attention to the songs than what they have to say.

The catchy single "Good Times" is getting tons of radio play and "Therapy" is a great song about how friends can get you through tough times and make you feel better–a departure from the band’s generally angry songs, but they do it well. Faithful fans take heart though, the final track "Obvious Heart" is reminiscent of many songs from Greyest of Blue Skies.

Finger Eleven fans will love this disc, and those new to the band will like it too. Finger Eleven is definitely an album that should be added to any CD collection and listened to frequently.

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