The Raveonettes

The first full-length album from Danish duo The Raveonettes is a change from everything out there these days.

The disc was recorded entirely in B-flat major, which makes it quite tedious to listen to. Not only that, but every song uses fuzzy or distorted guitars, distracting the listener from what could be a truly good album. The songs could even be sexy, combining the soft lyrics and a retro sound.

A couple tracks stand out on this disc. The first song, "Remember," is great—they don’t use as much distortion making it much nicer to listen to. "Noisy Summer" is probably the cream of the crop, more upbeat and for the most part a treat to the ears. "Love Can Destroy Everything" is depressing and influenced by country, which was surprising to find.

The Raveonettes are well on their way to creating great music, all they need to do is simplify things. Taking the music back to the basics could take this from good to excellent, hopefully the next disc will be cleaner and crisper. For now, leave this one alone and see what they come up with next.

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