By the Warmth of Your Flame

If By the Warmth of Your Flame was intended to be a totally unique album, it has certainly achieved its goal. It consists of slow, sad vocals juxtaposed with beating drums and steady rhythmic bass, piano, xylophone, acoustic and keys. The final track on the album is the conglomeration of Raising the Fawn’s ever- present blubbering vocals and of all things the twanging riffs of a lone banjo.

Now, I’m the first guy to stand up and proclaim the banjo is the world’s most under appreciated musical instrument, but hearing it out of the context of music such as duelling banjos is goddamn ridiculous.

The album may have its own professional ambience outside the narrow scope of generic music genres, but this is not to its benefit. The vocals sound like a perverted mix between a freshly neutered Chris Martin of Coldplay and Raine Maida of Our Lady Peace without their perpetual, drawling, pre-pubescent whine. The music lends little credence to the sound of the album, as it is slow, simple and depressing.

Despite these “bonuses,” the overall sound cries tears a little too blue for my blood. This album is more directed at anyone looking for a long, quiet night by themselves in a bathtub with an empty bottle of valium, a bottle of rum and a shiny straight razor.

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