Ex-Kronic member Lil’ Zane has come out with a new album! This release took two years to come to fruition and Zane–no longer Lil’–manages to forget originality.

The majority of the songs on this album either subtly or directly copy other major hip hop artists. While listening to this album, I kept trying to figure out who Zane would rip off next. Still, you should give it a listen if you enjoy hip hop played in major clubs. Some club cuts Zane manages to put together are, "So hot" and "Bounce." These two songs are lighter, fun songs that keep a steady danceable beat, while "Tonite, I’m yours" and "Come runnin’" are more romantic slow-tempo songs.

I guess a weak intro foreshadowed a horrible ending. The final song, "I.O.U." pays tribute to all the people who helped Zane in his life, from his teachers to his fans. The problem is the song sounds a lot like a speech from an awards show. When will Atlanta produce another Mary J. Blige and stop dishing out Lil’s?

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