U of C #1 in Shania fans

U of C students Mike Tobin and Nick Roper are Canada’s “Ultimate Shania Fans” after winning a nation-wide contest put on by CMT.

After submitting a comedic video to CMT explaining the five reasons why the 22-year-old Shania aficionados should take the title, the boys were chosen as Calgary winners and went on to claim the national title through an audience voting poll Fri., Oct. 31.

"It is unbelievable," said Tobin. "At the time we were doing it for fun, we really didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into."

Tobin and Roper definitely don’t fall into the typical demographic of Shania fans.

"I think she’s going to be a little surprised that we’re two 22-year-old guys," said Roper. "And plus, we’re going to tower over her, she’s about a foot shorter than us."

Tobin was surprised at his home Saturday morning when host of the Chevy Big 20, Casey Clarke, and a six-person film crew turned up at his door to inform him he and Roper had won the ultimate fan access backstage pass to Shania’s concert in Vancouver Sun., Dec. 7.

"I had brushed my teeth but that’s it–no brushing of the hair, no socks," said Tobin. "All my friends were over and I was watching a taped show of Survivor that I missed when there was a knock at the door. I was just in shock. I just started to shake because I was so excited."

Tobin and Roper, with camera crew in tow, will be leaving for Vancouver Sat., Dec. 6 to meet Shania backstage at her Vancouver concert. The highlights will be aired on CMT likely in the new year.

"It will be an hour special that will follow our entire weekend," said Tobin, who is an aspiring director.

"I’ve never had aspirations to be on TV, but I do want to work in the entertainment industry behind the scenes," Tobin continued. "CMT is asking us for some input on how the show should run and what it should look like. That’s really exciting that they are giving us an opportunity to have a voice at how the end product should look."

Roper is already scheming how to get on stage with Twain.

"Mike and I want to get on stage. We have this favourite song, ‘If You’re Not in it for Love,’" explained Roper. "Mike wants to sing it with Shania. I know the drum part and I’m hoping to get up and do the drums for that. I think we’re going to just be goofballs the whole time."

Although on cloud nine, the boys seem to have their feet firmly on the ground.

"I want to thank Country 105, all my friends who spent the time on Halloween to vote, CMT and my parents," said Tobin.

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