The Political Science Association held its second Poli-Slosh of the year, Mon., Nov. 3.

The Poli-Sloshes are an occasion for political science students as well as others interested in political science to come together and converse about issues relevant to the discipline. The event combines a forum for academic discussion about a political science related topic with free food and beverages. A number of political science faculty members speak on a given topic, followed by a question period.

Monday’s topic was "Transatlantic Security Issues," which was fitting, as the Political Science Assocation was hosting a group of Dutch students from the United Nations Students Club at Leiden University in the Netherlands.

"I liked the event very much," said Alexandra Rietveld, one of the Dutch students and an organizer of the exchange. "It’s nice to have a wider view of politics and the Canadian perspective."

The Poli-Slosh, which has historically been held in the Red Room of the The Den, was moved to the Rosza Center’s CIBC Hub Room for Monday’s event.

"We wanted to hold it in a better location to showcase both the professors and the University to the visiting students," said PSA Vice-President Events Keegan Iles.

Issues included the role of Canada in the UN and NATO, as well as Canadian-European relations. The faculty speakers for the event included Dr. David Bercuson, the director of the Center for Military and Strategic Studies, Dr. Gretchen MacMillan, a specialist on the European Union, and Dr. Rob Huebert, associate director of the CMSS.

"There will definitively be at least a couple more Poli-Sloshes this year." stated Iles.

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