Praise from a pleased geek

Editor, the Gauntlet,

Re: “Classic Gaming Supplement,” Nov. 13, 2003,

It has happened. Finally. The Gauntlet went all-out geek, even if only for an issue.

It was a great surprise for me to find the Classic Gaming Supplement. I’m always excited to flip through the Gauntlet and find something of particular interest to me, be it gaming or just plain computer-related.

It seems sad to look back at the Web Section archives online and find that, excluding the Classic Gaming Supplement, a measly three articles have been written on anything computer, technology or game-related, and all three written by Вen Li.

With technology becoming not only an everyday part of life, but also an essential part of everyday life, I begin to wonder why we aren’t reading more about it.

Though I may be a geek who would prefer to read about more advanced issues, that doesn’t discount the value of getting in depth on why Mozilla’s e-mail client is less prone to a virus than Outlook Express’. It’s a simple topic that everyone can benefit from, and it’s far from the only one.

It’s obvious there’s no shortage of geeks on campus, especially in the Gauntlet office. What harm could there be in adding some more technology and computer related aspects to the Gauntlet?

Do it for us! Do it for the geeks!

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