Pennies and waffles

It’s just over a week until the Board of Governors will meet to decide if your tuition will increase by 4.8 per cent. This year may not be a year of protest, but rather a year of education. This year, the Students’ Union is working towards educating the community about rising tuition and the increased financial burden that is placed upon students. In light of this awareness campaign, the following are events that will be occurring in the near future:

• Waffle Sale: Dec. 1-3 from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. in Mac Hall Foyer. Come treat yourself to some waffles (topped with a wide variety of toppings!!!) and your mind with information on tuition increases.

• Penny for Your Thoughts: Curious as to what your tuition would look like in pennies? On Thu, Dec. 4 at 12 p.m. the Students’ Union will be doing a demonstration of what your tuition looks like and what a 4.8 per cent increase looks like. Come check it out!!!!!

• Tuition Road Show: Want more information on tuition increases or about your SU check out the Tuition Road Show at the following locations: Library (Dec. 1), Scurfield Hall (Dec. 2), Residence (Dec. 3), Mac Hall (Dec. 4).

• Tuition Hut: Can’t make it out to the tTition Road Show? Then check out the Tuition Hut. Located in Mac Hall next to the bank machines.

• Tuition Decision: Come for free juice and muffins on Dec. 5 in the Alberta Room, Dining Centre. Then check out the Board of Governors and see if your tuition is going up by 4.8 per cent. Check out the vote!!!!!!

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