Doing stuff others didn’t

Men’s Volleyball

Our men’s volleysaurs met face to face with the University of Manitoba Bisons Nov. 21-22 in the only inhabitable part of Manitoba—Winnipeg. The Dinos were one place behind the Bisons in the Canada West standings prior to the weekend, yet they destroyed the Bisons in three straight games in a Friday ass-kicking. However, the Bisons bounced back after a night sleeping on their stomachs, to beat the Dinos three matches to two.

Men’s Hockey

The men’s hockeysaurs started playing to their potenial two weeks ago, but have went no further. This past weekend when they traveled all the way to Saskatoon to take on the Univerisity of Saskatchewan Huskies, they lost 4-3 Friday and tied 2-2 Saturday. This leaves the Dinos third in Canada West, behind the unbeatable University of Alberta Golden Bears and the second place Huskies.


This weekend saw both the Dinos men’s and women’s wrestling teams competing in the University of Regina Cougar Open, placing third and fourth, respectively. The Cougars took top spot in the women’s division, while the U of S Huskies were numero uno in the men’s division.

This makes me wonder whether the inhabitants of that vast expanse of flat land east of us–hereby known as ‘rat land’ or the ‘shocker of Canada’–only know how to wrestle in their own comforting environment.

Whatever the case may be, Dinos Melissa Kindrasky and Anthony Baldwin each took first place in their weight placements. This leaves the Dinos women and men ranked second and fourth overall in the nation, respectively.

Women’s Hockey

There was much rejoicing last week when our women hockeysaurs tied the Grant MacEwan Griffins, ranked second in ACAC women’s hockey.

This Friday was a different story as they tied the SAIT Trojans, who are last in the ACAC. The Trojans were pointless until this fateful game. The weekend wasn’t a total humiliation, however, they did beat the Red Deer Queens, 1-0.

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