Headlines? Who needs headlines

The Dinos men’s basketball team defeated the University of Lethbridge Pronghorns 82-62 and 100-92 in their first regular season play Nov. 7-8. After finishing the pre-season with a 6-2 record, good for third in the CIS national rankings, it looks like the team is off to an excellent start.

“We have a good shooting percentage,” noted forward Chris Wright, who led the team in scoring Saturday with 19 points. “We’re just getting our shots in.”

That seems to be an accurate assessment of what made the difference Friday night, as Lethbridge shot a dismal 37 per cent from the floor and made only 16 per cent of their three-pointers. The Pronghorns lost several key players from last year, including sharpshooter Alan Spoonhunter, and were described by Dinos Head Coach Dan Vanhooren as being “different.”

“They’re missing their perimeter shooters,” he explained. “The newer players are less experienced.”

“They started getting their shots in Saturday, but we led the whole game,” added Wright.

Other high scorers included Aman Heran–who led the team Friday night with 17 points–Whit Hornsberger, John Riad and Surinder Grewal. Also notable was John Salgado with a weekend total of 15.

“Salgado has improved to a stronger player,” said Vanhooren. “He provides a lot of leadership off the court. On-court we have a core of leaders: Hornsberger, Riad, Heran. There isn’t just one player that carries the team.”

Vanhooren also mentioned more maturity, an improved offence, and greater depth as the most important aspects of the Dinos’ success so far this year.

This weekend, the team will travel to Trinity Western and Simon Fraser universities, but will be at home the following weekend versus the University of Alberta Golden Bears.

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