On the warpath

They knew it would be tough heading in, however, a weekend split leaves the Dinos women’s volleyball team with mixed emotions.

"I think we came out of the weekend with a lot more confidence," explained second-year Dino Janelle Findlay. "We know we can overcome adversity, to come out of a tough situation on top."

After dropping the opening match 3-1 (21-25, 25-19, 25-14, 25-22) in a rare Thursday tilt, the Dinos bounced back, showing their dominant form with a convincing 3-1 (25-14, 25-12, 18-25, 25-16) triumph.

"This weekend is a perfect example of how stats can be misleading," explained captain Amanda Moppett. "The biggest problem on Thursday was the fact that Neda (Boroumand) and I really struggled with our passing and it went from there."

The road doesn’t get any easier for the women, as they travel to the frozen north of Winnipeg, Manitoba to tangle with the University of Winnipeg Wesmen–the same squad that eliminated them in last year’s national semi-final.

"Coming out of nationals last year, everyone said Winnipeg was going to be the team for the next couple years," said Findlay. "We’re all pumped to crush that."

"It would be cool to go there and pummel them," smiled Moppett. "To take them out of the playoffs would be cool. I’m still pissed off from nationals."

Rally Points:

I was in Laval last year. I watched the dastardly Wesmen (Weswomen?) down our delightful Dinos. There were no happy Calgarians that day.

I wish I could be in Winnipeg this weekend. The vengeance that shall rain down will be ridiculous. The carnage will be enough to turn the stomachs of war correspondents.

Let us take a moment to pray for their damned souls.

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