SU Reviews: The good the bad and the ugly

For the past seven months, we’ve gotten along. Traditionally, that ends right here and now.

In the name of transparency and accountability, the Gauntlet devotes space every fall to hold our elected representatives to their word. We dissect their campaign promises, we scrutinize their time spent in office–their conflicts, their missteps, their successes, their failures–and we let you know what we think.

Every year, the bulk of the Students’ Union executive gets angry and questions our journalistic integrity, launching verbal slings and arrows across MacEwan Student Centre.

Every year, we take it in stride.

We aren’t here to please, nor are we here to antagonize and cause trouble for the sake of antagonizing and causing trouble. No, we’re here to call it as we see it, and that’s what we’ve done.

The following are our 2003-04 SU Midterm Reviews. Take them or leave them.

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