Belle and Sebastian

Everyone knows Christmas is the perfect time to feel sinister. Sometimes all the gift giving, caroling and quality family time is just too much. So this Christmas I say be naughty, and there is no better band to be naughty to than Belle and Sebastian.

These kings and queens of all things coy, subtle and devilishly clever will certainly show you a good time as you celebrate the true meaning of Christmas–which is of course three weeks away from school.

So go on, have a little fun, but don’t forget to bring If you’re Feeling Sinister along for the ride. With Stuart Murdoch and the rest of the gang at your disposal, you’re sure to have a great time, because as Murdoch modestly remarks in the sweetest of fey voices "No one writes them like they used to/So it may as well be me."

The upbeat, sixties-style folk-pop will doubtlessly to get you "into Sïœ|M and Bible studies," though I should warn you, it’s not "everyone’s cup of tea."

Start "kissing just for practice." If that doesn’t do it for you, "Chances are you’ll probably feel better/If you stayed and played with yourself." And don’t sweat the consequences, a "vicar, or whatever" will forgive a few weeks of mischief.

School is almost over and we all "want to dance," we "want to drink the whiskey," so "forget The Major," or some other responsibility, and "Go off to town/Because the snow is falling."

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