Gauntlet’s December 4 Sports stats page, with interesting advertising about sperm donation in Australia…

By Вen Li

In response to popular demand–and because someone decided to liberate most copies of the Gauntlet from campus costing students thousands of dollars–here is the stats page from our December 4 issue. Apparently, many readers find this page very interesting today, especially the part that also ran in our Nov. 20 and Nov. 27 issues. Keep clicking on the page for larger versions.

Go team!

[2003-12-19] Also, since some on-line readers are having trouble seeing the the ad for sperm donation in Australia on the front page, are unable to type "Australia sperm" into our search box which appears on every page, and miss the blatent bolded link to the ad on the contact information page about the free trip to Australia for donating sperm, here are some words about the Australia sperm donation ad placed in the University of Calgary Gauntlet for the users of outside search engines looking for information about sperm donation in Australia and the free trip. The only contact information we can give for these Australian sperm donation people appears on the ad itself. </blatant>

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