Gauntlet comic discriminates

By Michael Lipton

Editors, the Gauntlet,

Re: “All Dead Babies Go to Heaven,” Dec. 4, 2003,

The university campus is a place of ethnic diversity and multiculturalism. Students on the University of Calgary campus are privileged to attend a school free of discrimination and be able to express their multicultural thoughts and beliefs without fear of repercussions. There should be no better example of this than our very own university student newspaper, the Gauntlet.

It is then disappointing to see this official university student publication take advantage of this privilege as it did in its latest issue published on Dec. 4, 2003.

In the cartoon titled “All Dead Babies Go to Heaven,” the creator attempts to allude to the racial bigotry of certain individuals, in this case using racism towards Jews. Although the intentions of this comic may be commendable, the means used to achieve this are inappropriate. They may be viewed by those people who have these discriminatory views as acceptable because they appear in a mass publication.

The Gauntlet must be more delicate in regards to such a sensitive issue as racism. It is inappropriate to “make a joke” out of this serious and controversial matter.

It is our hope that the Gauntlet will carefully monitor what it publishes in future issues so that it helps to eliminate and not heighten any ignorant sentiments on campus. This is necessary in order for the diverse campus population to prosper in an environment free of discrimination without worry of prejudice. Once done, the Gauntlet will be perceived as a reputable student publication.

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