You’re fashionably late

By Karoline Czerski

Do you ever wake up feeling empty? Unfulfilled? A little blase? Has your daily routine deprived you of your sense of passion? Your sense of experimentation? When was the last time you felt… naughty?

If you started with "yes" and ended with "never" when answering, you may have missed the Sky High Cabaret, the burlesque highlight of One Yellow Rabbit’s High Performance Rodeo. The night of utter deviance began when a transvestite guide welcomed you at the top of the Calgary Tower, and beautiful women and men frolicked about in near-naked splendor and sexy bunny attire.

Gauntlet Entertainment Editor Jeff Kubik’s eyes lit up as we entered the co-ed washroom.

"I’ve never seen a scantily clad accordion player provide me with entertainment in the toilet," he sighed, delighted.

Nor had Jeff ever been so accepting of being spanked by Denise Clarke, or feeding a voluptuous cat-woman tasty cat nip.

Other guests, however, were not so actively engaged in the somewhat sterile extravagance. While an unusual Calgary fog made the view from the Tower slightly mystical, the attractions and erotic glamour inside were not as stimulating as one would imagine–we’ve all been exposed to the Moulin Rouge, after all.

Perhaps the Rabbits weren’t quite comfortable outside the familiar walls of the Big Secret Theatre, instead, they allowed the conservative nature of Calgary’s main tourist attraction to deter from the avant-garde nature of their festival.

Fortunately, this was not the grand finale, your fantasies may still be fulfilled. You are only fashionably late for the Rodeo experience, and right on time for a final week of some of the real festival highlights.

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