Sweatshop Union

By David Gemmell

Sweatshop Union is back and headed up in a big way. Natural Progression is solid from start to finish, delivering a laid back hip hop experience that transcends the pitfalls of modern urban music. Sweatshop Union (Kyprios, Dirty Circus, Creative Minds and Innocent Bystanders) are four independent units who came together, combining a distinct anti-establishment mindset and varied musical talents, and in Natural Progression they delve into the political fray in a big way, delivering hard-hitting lyrics.

The highlight is the track “US,” which deals with the American intervention in world politics. Tracks like “P.O.T.B.” and “I’ve Got News” succinctly sum up the materialism and egotism most major hip hop acts celebrate and shames them. Quality production tops off the package and makes Natural Progression easy to recommend.

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