Comics immature and ignorant

By Christina Homer

Editor, the Gauntlet,

Re: “All Dead Babies go to Heaven” and “Depressing Boy,” Feb. 26, 2004,

Although it is my first year at U of C, I have attended two other universities and wrote for the campus paper at one of them, so I do have an appreciation for campus media.

However, my appreciation for the Gauntlet is drying up fast.

Although the paper seems to thrive on controversy and offending the vulnerable, the “comics” on the last page go way too far. I suggest you find some respectable “jokes” or abolish the section all together. Publishing comic strips about depressed people and the eating of aborted fetuses casts a poor reflection of the U of C student body. You could imagine that the international students must be writing home like mad to let everyone know how clever and open-minded we Canadians are.

Or not.

All that is reflected in these “comics” is the ignorance and immaturity of the student body here at U of C. It is true that in Canada we have such a thing as Freedom of Speech, but if you are aware of that, you also know that your freedom ends when it infringes on the rights of another. You’ve gone past that point.

There’s the controversy that you were looking for. Now can you publish something decent?

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