Justified election results

By Keith Odell

Editor, the Gauntlet,

Re: “Barski taking SU election to review board,” Mar. 4, 2004.

Immaturity and complaining seem to be more prevalent than ever recently. The Barski’s Cabinet’s recent appeal of the SU election results is confirmation that Phil Barski was not an ideal SU president and the students voted the right way. Drawing up a frivolous petition to waste the time of the review board is fairly typical of the campaign tactics of Barski’s Cabinet.

As a full-time student and a Political Science major, I watched the su election closely and made sure I voted the way that I thought was best for the University of Calgary. In doing so, I watched Barski’s Cabinet try to “shock and awe” its way into getting votes.

Barski’s Cabinet did nothing but assert their immaturity post election with idiotic comments. Barski himself called the Gauntlet staff “a bunch of gutless fucks” and claimed they “will never amount to anything.” Such comments did nothing but to re-assert to myself that voting for Bryan West was the right choice.

The Sorex Software voting system was slightly suspect at worst, and to call for a review is nothing short of ridiculous. What does Barski hope to accomplish here?

Lonny Tetley asserted that the vote wasn’t representative of the student body. Funny thing is, more of the student body voted for West than Barski, so how is it not representative?

People have their reasons to vote, and to keep Barski from gaining office is as valid a reason as any.

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