By Ivan Danielwicz

I have long awaited a new band that would test the waters of rockabilly punk, and I’m happy to say I’ve finally found one.

The Horrorpops were born of the band Necromantix which was headmanned by one of the Horrorpops’ guitarists, Nekroman. Driven from the same stream as Tiger Army, the Horrorpops debut album Hell Yeah! should turn a lot heads.

The immediate appeal of the album will probably be the sexy lead singer Patricia on the album cover, holding a beautifully painted upright bass.

While not as upbeat as Tiger Army, the Horrorpops never drag their feet, shooting out tune after tune that will keep you groovin’ right ’til the end of the album.

Patricia’s voice comes across as an interesting variation of a young Gwen Stefani but not as girly, certainly helping to make Hell Yeah! one of the great punk releases of 2004.

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