From the Spring Fling…

By Karoline Czerski

Canadian rock,’ concludes SuperEgo lead vocalist Dylan Hanley. “We usually call ourselves Canadian rock–it’s mainstream, but you don’t want to say that.”

After pondering the music scene and SuperEgo’s formation and growth, Hanley, a fourth-year University of Calgary Political Science major, finally decides Canadian rock is the most fitting description.

"We’re getting a lot harder, harder and softer," starts Hanley. "Before, we were almost bubblegum soft."

Dylan talks about the evolving sound of the band and the changing sound of his own voice. He recognizes the progression he’s made, but also the ironic counter-progression of getting cleaner–rock singers often rely on those raspy, cigarette-and-substance vocal chords to make their sound unique. Case in point, Radiohead would have gone under if we understood what Thom York was saying. Need I even mention Bob Dylan?

"I don’t think I was bad-bad, but definitely not good enough to be paid," says Hanley of his vocal debut, quickly adding the irony of improvement. "Vocal training can screw you up when you’re playing rock."

Dylan has admittedly taken a few lessons and plans to take more.

In a jumbled, analytical symphony, he underlines the fact the band has been quite versatile, slowly narrowing down to create their own distinctiveness. Although they play many cover tunes, their first CD features all original work.

"Our sound is kind of getting the same, our own," he affirms, adding, "some songs are a little different."

This five-member band had their start in Airdrie, where most of them grew up. They starting jamming in their respective garages, and by adding, subtracting and rearranging members, they progressed to band status. They moved out of the garage and onto the stage about two years ago, quickly gaining popularity on Calgary’s indie-rock scene.

They are well known at SAIT, where two of the band members study Radio and Sound Engineering. The band has had some local recognition–CJAY 92 DJ "Red Dawg" is a fan–and has made a big splash at band competitions, winning last year’s Molson Battle of the Bands at the Back Alley. They also took the main stage at Prince’s Island Park on Canada Day 2003, rocked out at Cowboys during the Calgary Stampede and opened for ’80s rock band Prism in Fernie.

Nevertheless, it remains a struggle to make a big Calgary debut.

"The Calgary music scene is under-explored," Hanley notes carefully.

This year, they headline "Spring Fling," SAIT’s equivalent of BSD, at the SAIT campus on Fri., Apr. 16. With time, in a city where music is slowly being explored, SuperEgo just might find their break.

Hey, Nickelback did it.

SuperEgo plays SAIT on Fri., Apr. 16. Upcoming shows will be posted on the SuperEgo website,

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