An empty lot

By Dale Miller

The V8less Urban Battle in the Olympic Oval May 15 was like a mix between The Fast and the Furious and 8 Mile–only this time it was 80 per cent adolescent Asians.

Now don’t get me wrong, we should give “props” for the money spent and the effort put forth by the parts installers in automotive shops–long gone are the days of shade-tree mechanics–but these guys’ idea of customization filled the oval with five different car models with maybe ten different body kits. It seems like their pride of ownership is derived completely by how much money was spent, but I digress.

VUB is promoted as the premiere import and youth-lifestyle trade show–not sure where the trade part came in, since nothing was on sale–and featured privately owned import and sub-compact cars, audio competitions, hip-hop competitions and various other “urban” events. I personally had the pleasure of catching the booty shaking competition and a relatively short freestyle battle, but I regretfully missed Playboy model Kaila Yu who flew in from Los Angeles–but I’m sure she looked great from the crowd.

With all the fiberglass, fancy paint and scantily clad show girls around I still felt that the $12 entrance fee was a rip-off. I only received a maximum 30 minutes of entertainment, even though I resorted to walking around the oval a third time to extract my hard earned dollars.

Perhaps next year they should make it free and hold it in a high school parking lot, but that already happens 200 days a year.

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