Slow August for campus security

By Natalie Sit

Like most Augusts, last month was quiet for the University of Calgary campus, however, a few people met up with Campus Security.

A male was spotted with four brand new chemistry department computers, still in their boxes, exiting from Science A.

“[The computers] were not yet installed,” said Campus Security Manager Lanny Fritz. “A regular patrol spotted him. He looked suspicious with four computer boxes.”

A suspect also stole from the Den. A male left without paying his tab. According to Fritz the bill was around $20 but the suspect claimed he was a Foothills Hospital patient.

The corner of University Dr. and 24 Ave. saw another accident, however, no one from the university community was involved. The intersection is a common location for accidents. Fritz said the university has requested City of Calgary Traffic review the intersection but there have been no recommendations.

Campus Security responded to a water leak in the Animal Resource Centre area of the Health Sciences building basement. Initially, it was estimated the water damage was minimal at $2,800.

“It was not until the staff came in and they found water in the equipment,” said Fritz.

Water also triggered a false elevator emergency phone in Rundle Hall. It was determined that a large amount of flowing water had shorted the emergency phone which automatically dialed Campus Security. The water was the result of an activated fire sprinkler installed as part of renovations in the building.

“The damage is tens of thousands of dollars,” said Fritz. “It was covered by the university’s insurance. It didn’t affect students but the hard-working contractors had to work to get the area renovated for students on time.”

Campus Security also caught two suspects, one who is a university student, sending threatening e-mails to various social agencies and government organizations.

“The organizations complained to us,” explained Fritz. “We were able to determine the identity of the persons involved. The investigation continues.”

With the new school year and new students, Fritz wants to remind them Safewalk and Campus Security are here to help students. Sandwich boards with information have been placed around campus in high-traffic areas.

Campus Security also worked to minimize line-ups for new ID cards, a project headed by Assistant Manager Ken Kress. Bookmarks were mailed to new students and residence to get the word out. Hours were extended, including move-in to residence.

“We had the office open until 11 p.m. so students could have their meal plan operational for the next morning for breakfast,” said Fritz.

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