Summertime news roundup

By Emily Senger


University resumes control of Health Services

After six months of privatized Health Services, the University of Calgary resumed control of the facility.

International Health Partners Inc. began operations in the university in October 2003, but in April 2004, long term contract negotiations failed and IHP gave 30 days notice that it would leave.

"IHP did not pull out. We were pushed out," said Dave McQuaig, president of IHP. "The original contract was changed and changed until we could not sign the contract."

Dr. Peggy Patterson, Associate Vice-President Student Affairs, disagreed with McQuaig. "They weren’t pushed out, they left," said Dr. Patterson.

NUTV disputes screens

The Students’ Union announced plans to install four 40-inch plasma information screens in MacEwan Student Centre. The screens, owned by Competitive Edge, will be generate revenue for the SU. NUTV believe they already offer this service with their closed circuit system.

"We think this is a duplication of services," said NUTV Executive Director Kevin Allen. "There already is student run non-profit television advertising in the student centre."

Mac Hall expansion halted again

The new SU executive halted redevelopment plans in order to rethink, and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

NUTV and the Multi-faith Centre are two of the projects affected by the stoppage

Students’ Union CRO fired

After the highly controversial 2004 SU election, Chief Returning Officer Shuvaloy Majumdar was fired.

"We evaluated his performance and determined that he hasn’t fulfilled the expectations of the council," said SU VP Operations and Finance Greg Clayton, who initiated the resolution to terminate Majumdar.

Students to pay for Counselling Services

Beginning May 1, students who require more than three 50 minute sessions at the Counselling and Student Development Centre will be charged $25 for each additional session.

The majority of the $25 fee can be covered by the SU Health and Dental Plan or by Alberta Blue Cross but the student must first be referred to counseling by a doctor.


SU removes online forums

Ongoing personal attacks on the SU’s on-line forums prompted the SU to remove the forums.

"People can say whatever they want behind a blank face and I don’t think we can solve it without verifying who is using it." said SU VP Op-Fi Greg Clayton, who initiated the motion.


U of C: smoke free?

If the Smoke-Free U of C subcommittee achieves their goal, all campus property will be 100 per cent smoke free by May 2006. SFUC is a sub-committee that reports University Health, Safety and Security committee and is mandated to eliminate tobacco use.

"Our goal is to raise awareness about smoking policies and to take a broad look at ways to reduce tobacco use on campus. Smokers are not the majority, most people want clean air," said Joan McDonald, a Human Resources consultant at the U of C and a member of SFUC.

This proposition has met resistance from the SU who believes that the SFUC committee is un-representative and provides no options for smokers.

"The committee is mostly community members and non-students. I see a problem with that. There’s not a good cross section of students," stressed SU VP Events Alex Vyskocil, who represents students on SFUC.

Memorial garden honours students

An on-campus garden was dedicated in memory of Joah Atkinson and Brian Collins, two U of C students killed in a tragic car accident which occurred on 32nd St. NW.

Mary Kelly, a U of C staff member and friend of Joah and Brian, initiated the project.

"Brian always demonstrated leadership, respect, enthusiasm and encouragement to teammates and the opposition," remembered Kelly. "Joah was a caring, young woman and avid athlete who displayed a true passion for life. Her beautiful smile and contagious charm touched everyone she met."


Campus sustainability survey

The U of C is going to look at long term environmental sustainability initiatives.

While the policy is in its infancy, SU President Bryan West said there are plans to create a new faculty and a sustainability institute.

Steve Dantzer, Director of Campus Infrastructure, described that the first report focuses on areas for sustainability issues on campus like transportation, hazardous materials, air quality and energy use. Dantzer sees possible changes such as abandoning the use of poisons in campus landscaping and constructing new buildings to conform to current and future standards.

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