WCMA Label Spotlight: Boompa Records

By Nolan Lewis

Boompa Records is a Vancouver-based label quickly becoming a powerhouse in Canada. Though only a year old, Boompa possesses a solid roster of both fresh, innovative talent from Canada and around the globe, with an impressive seven records release in their first year of business. Boompa strives also as a service provider for its bands. Helping bands to secure external funding through grants as well as providing publicity, marketing, booking and website design are a few examples of Boompa’s services. President Scott Walker and Vice-President Rob Calder of The Salteens know all too well how much agony not having all the pieces for success can be. It’s why the two set out and started Boompa, in order to take control of their own career and help other artist maximize their potential. This patience and support for bands has drawn such a strong assortment of talent to the label, some of whom who are already established and respected.

The label is home to such bands as Billy and the Lost Boys, a female led pop-punk trio out to revive punk rock. Singer/songwriter Billy has been described as a punk rock bad ass able to make Courtney Love look like a scared puppy. Their reputation of giving high-energy show every time they’re on stage will get bodies flying and crowds buzzing.

Boompa Records is a label to watch. Having assembled a strong group of artists, Scott and Rob are out to show Canada from east to west their amazing talent. With only the bands best interest in mind, Boompa is sure to attract many more brilliant performer further setting them apart from other independent Canadian labels.

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