Students show ingratitude to veterans

By Gerald W. Hankins

Editor, The Gauntlet,
Re: “How will you spend Remembrance Day,” Nov. 11, 2004,

As a veteran of World War Two, I wish to comment on Campus Quips at the bottom of page 5 in the November 11 issue.

Is it reasonable to expect current university students to have any interest in Remembrance Day? Should they care that a few short years ago men and women of their age fought in a vicious war and over 40,000 of them died? Do today’s students feel any sense of gratitude at all for these great sacrifices?

Reading the remarks of three of the students interviewed, one wonders. Asked “How willl you spend Remembrance Day?” Geoff Morgan said he would be home studying. Glen Murdoch said he would be “doing what my grandfather did–getting shit-faced.” Grant Coljin would be “nursing a hangover.”

Their answers say it all.

And my answer is this: there are few things worse than ingratitude.


Gerald W. Hankins

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