Tensions at Concordia

By Kyle Francis

With the American election behind us and ethnic tensions on the rise worldwide, it seems worthwhile to take another look at a contentious ethnic issue that affects us right here in Canada. As they say, you have to know where you’ve been to know where you’re going. The Backstory Montreal is known throughout Canada, and… Continue reading Tensions at Concordia

Improving the IT department

By Вen Li

The fall semester has been busy for U of C’s IT department. With 9,431 new user registrations, a major server migration, and increased around the clock demand for computing services, things have gone surprisingly smoothly. In addition, IT is involved in a concerted effort to enhance its interactions with users, moving away from the traditional… Continue reading Improving the IT department

Sessional instructors get shafted

By Kelli Stevens

Allison Dube is an instructor in the department of Political Science. After listening to him for less than ten minutes, it is immediately apparent that while he loves his work, he is horribly frustrated. Allison Dube, along with about 500 other University of Calgary faculty members, is a sessional instructor. “I love this institution but… Continue reading Sessional instructors get shafted

In other news… tuition rises again

By Dale Miller

The Students’ Union’s battle on tuition ended in bittersweet defeat last week, as tuition consultations with University of Calgary officials yielded a maximum tuition increase for all students. Tuition is on the rise to the tune of 5.8 per cent and administration is planning to repeat maximum increases for at least the next four years.… Continue reading In other news… tuition rises again