Report Card: Field Hockey

By Katie Hobday


Talent is one area in which the field hockey team is not deficient. The team was a mix of veterans and rookies, each with a great deal of individual skill. Two players, Elizabeth Allan and Clare Linton, were named to the Canada West All-Star team. Some players, such as Vanessa Kwan, played all over the field this season, proving to be both flexible and proficient.


The team played very hard all season long, facing extremely stiff competition from two two-time national champions, the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds and their second place rivals, the University of Victoria Vikes. The Dinos’ closest competitors, the University of Alberta Pandas, managed to take three wins from our ladies this year, which was discouraging. However, despite a mid-season slump, the girls were able to finish strong, tying the Vikes on their home turf and keeping the Pandas to one goal.


This is Head Coach Anne Kromm’s second season with the Dinos, and she has been adjusting her strategies to find something that works. Guest coaches and a pre-season tour around the U.S. were some techniques applied this year. However, the right formula seemed elusive and the girls finished with a dismal record of 0-8-1.


In the last tournament of the season, the team was finally able to show what it is made of, scoring the most goals they had all regular season and keeping their goals against at its lowest. However, given their goals for/against record of 5/32, this proves only to be a minor victory in the grand scheme of things. Most importantly though, the girls emphasized their positive attitudes, love of the game and affection for their team. Their ability to have fun despite the rough season is an achievement in itself.

Overall: C-

Singer/Band: Kenny G. Because they pretty much blow.

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