A contest of skill and judgement

By Gauntlet Staff

It’s that time of year again: time to dump off all the swag the Gauntlet been slowly accumulating since September in the timliest manner possible. And what manner is more timely than to launch a contest with awesome prizes to be won, tied to a brainbending and expansive activities page?

Yes, dear reader, you can win one of three brand new copies of the Canadian Oxford Dictionary, 2nd Edition. A dictionary will go to each of the three fastest puzzlers to complete the riddles on this page in their entirety, then present the tear sheet (in pen only, please, not pencil) at the office of the Gauntlet, msc 319.

Go forth, my friends. The race is on.

Editorial Note: The contest page has been posted online. Click here to download it. You may print a copy and bring it in to the office filled out to win.

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