Spun: The Music

By Jeff Clemens

The Music seem to have come into their own with Welcome to the North. What this means is an album with a much more mature sound than their previous self-titled debut, making for a more polished album. The lyrics are well thought out and intelligent.

The simple and almost gibberish lyrics of their previous releases is nowhere to be found on this album. Drummer Phil Jordan makes the drums noticed and important without banging on them as hard as possible. This is not to say the guitar and bass can be missed as they are extremely unique, opposed to a majority of new bands who seem to only know a few chords.

This album has a groove impossible to ignore. While listening to songs such as “Freedom Fighters” or “Open Your Mind” a force takes over and instantly you are tapping your feet, nodding your head and swaying lightly with the beat.

This said, the dance beats found on previous tracks like “The People” are not quite as present. The Music are one of Britain’s greatest up and coming bands and hopefully will continue to improve.

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