Spun: The Mark Inside

By James Koslowski

A fresh Canadian indie-rock band is catching the attention of critics and music lovers alike? Sounds like every other band being pushed onto you by a bored music industry. But The Mark Inside have spent the past few years developing their sound, forming a strong fan base in the Toronto area, and recording their debut… Continue reading Spun: The Mark Inside

Spun: Autistic Daughters

By Garth Paulson

Some people think too much. When these people happen to be musicians what often results is excessively calculated and clinical music. Autistic Daughters’ album Jealousy and Diamond falls prey to this, it is simply too self aware for its own good. The album opens with what happens to be its strongest track “A Boxful of… Continue reading Spun: Autistic Daughters

Theatre Preview: Pulling a John Malkovich

By Kyle Francis

The word “puppeteer” conjures to mind many different images for different people. Some think of a megalomaniac using his evil automatons to further plans of world domination, but normal people tend to find themselves drawn more toward the image of a greasy guy dancing a marionette up and down the sidewalk with a hat upturned… Continue reading Theatre Preview: Pulling a John Malkovich

Theatre Preview: Cakes, puppets, oh my!

By Kristin McVeigh

There’s trouble in puppet land. As Tomas Prochazka of the Cakes and Puppets theatre troupe explains, their set is stuck in Houston being subjected to unbearable heat and monstrous space shuttles. Without the set, where will the surreal creations of the company frolic upon? But, not a minute later another member of the troupe announces… Continue reading Theatre Preview: Cakes, puppets, oh my!

Theatre Preview: Zastrozzi: master of stage

By Dylan Neilson

For all those who find not sleeping, the art of extreme martial discipline and being psychologically unstable are for the more night aristocrat or the Irish dude from Braveheart, Zastrozzi promises to be a mind-fuck in a league of its own. Upon first hearing the name Zastrozzi, one is inclined to think of a certain… Continue reading Theatre Preview: Zastrozzi: master of stage

Theatre Preview: Giant puppets judge humanity

By Jesse Keith

Like a shadow cartel or happenstance league of justice, they formed to mark the turning of the millennium. Five years ago, David Ferney and other theatre artists from Pender Island, British Columbia merged their talents with Illuminated Fools of Oregon and the Green Fools troupe from here in Calgary to form the puppet troupe Three… Continue reading Theatre Preview: Giant puppets judge humanity