Say “yes” to Dinos

By Natalie Mah

Editor, the Gauntlet,

Re: Dinos threatened, Feb. 3, 2005,

As a fourth year Dino, I am very saddened by the proposal to cut 14 of the 22 athletic teams at the U of C, including Cross Country, Track and Field, Swimming, Wresting and many others. Dino athletics has been a tremendous part of my U of C experience and I could not imagine having one of the only things left that brings interuniversity communities together taken away. For the price of a beer (definitely brontosaurus sized increase), U of C students can help save something that is very important to hundreds of Dino athletes and coaches. I encourage all students to please vote “yes” for the $6 tuition increase in the SU election from February 15-17 to save Dino athletics. If there is a majority “no” vote, some teams could be taken away by next fall.

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