Tracksters on track

By Aritra Das

The Edmonton High Performance Track and Field meet Sat., Feb. 12 saw some great individual performances from the Dinos men and women. As has come to be the norm, the Dinos women once again dominated the medium and long distance events.

In the 300m dash, Veronique St. Pierre placed third with a time of 40.43s. Renee Kaylor and Jackie Jones placed second and fourth respectively in the 600m event, running times of 1:33.82, and 1:35.15.

The 1000m event was truly Dino-dominated, with the top four spots being secured by the Dinos women. Kaylor, Heather Sim, Shannon Slater and Jones finished first, second, third and fourth respectively, all within four seconds of each other. In the 1500m high performance open event, Slater and Sim claimed the first and second spots respectively in scorching times of 4:38.66 and 4:39.91. Melissa Kalyn won the 3000m open event with a time of 11:22.11.

The Dinos women’s relay teams captured the victory as well as the second spot in the 4X200m. They also took first and third in the 4X400m relay event.

In lady-like leaping affairs, Candice Laverty took second place in the triple jump by bounding a distance of 11.59m. She was followed by Tricia Palmer, Kim Tse and Rachelle Nelson, who were third, fourth and fifth respectively. Nelson and Natalie Mah placed fourth and sixth respectively in the open high jump, with jumps of 1.6m and 1.55m.

Not to be shown up by her jogging and jumping counterparts, Jessica King tied for second in the 60m hurdles in 8.82s, while placing eighth in the 60m sprint, finishing in a searing 7.87s. Karen Baerg excelled in the indoor pentathlon, placing second with 3,155 points.

On the men’s side, things didn’t go quite as spectacularly. Geoff Kerr, Brad Hove and Travis Saunders cracked the 1000m top ten, placing third, sixth and ninth respectively. Hove and Kerr also excelled in the 1500m event, placing second and fourth in 4:02.81 and 4:04.40 respectively. The Dinos men’s relayers managed second in both the 4X200m and 4X400m events.

On the jumping side of men’s competition, Matt Ng and Felix Choo long-jumped their way to third and fifth respectively with jumps of 6.72m and 6.46m. John Fairbairn bronzed himself in the triple jump–hopping, stepping and jumping 13.38m.

That just about sums up the Dinos’ highlights. Our ladies and gentlemen next compete in the Canada West Track and Field Championships over reading week.

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