Pacifists provide peaceful protest

This Sat., Mar. 19 marks the second anniversary of the American invasion of Iraq. To protest the occasion, several groups have organized a peace march, which will begin and end at Tomkins Park on 17 Ave. and 8 St. SW. The event is a non-violent demonstration designed to raise awareness to the number of Iraqi casualties that have resulted due to the American invasion.

According to the website www.iraqi, at least 16,389 Iraqi civilians have died in the last two years of the American occupation, compared to approximately 1,500 deceased American soldiers.

“I think that there is a perception that war is over but it is still an ongoing conflict in Iraq,” said Ken Erickson, a member of the Gay and Lesbian Peace Collective. “People should not allow themselves to become complacent.”

The Gay and Lesbian Peace Collective is one of a number of groups involved in the march including the Calgary Coalition Against War and Occupation. Erickson said the event will entail a silent march in which the names of dead Iraqi citizens will be read aloud.

“People are encouraged to wear black and carry black flags. The event is supposed to be a somber memorial of what has happened so far,” said Erickson.

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