Union changes guard

The consequences of out-sourcing have not only affected Food Services employees but upset Albert Union of Provincial Employees Local 52 executive council as well. Shirley Maki ousted Local Chair Albi Sole from his position at the Local’s annual general meeting, Mon., Mar. 7. Sole had been under fire from union members over the decision to contract out food services.

While Maki and Sole both argue the election upheaval is unassociated with the Chartwells decision, they admit that chair is a political position.

“I would hate to draw a line from the issue of Food Services to the election of AUPE executive,” Sole said. “There has been a great deal of angst but that would be too great a line to make.”

Maki agreed, saying there are no feelings of ill will.

“There’s no animosity,” she remarked. “I’m going to be using the expertise of [former chairs] and ask Albi and Dan Tilleman for advice.”

Both Sole and Maki are united in condemning the outsourcing of Food Services.

“You can’t create a first-class quality institution when administration [at the University of Calgary] makes its employees feel like they don’t give a damn about them,” said Sole candidly. “Administration plundered Food Services for five years. They took its profits and reinvested nothing. There’s been no attempt to retrain or rehire.”

Maki said she is looking forward to taking over the position and will continue the fight against outsourcing, beginning with a policy grievance filed against university accusing the administration of breaking their contract with AUPE.

With Chartwells officially taking over May 1, Maki also plans to lobby administration and the government on behalf of AUPE.

The U of C Administration could not be reached before deadline.

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