Footballers lose a ballot of fifth-years

With such a large roster, the Dinos football team takes a hit every year, losing its veterans as they move on to bigger things. This year seven men are at the point of no return. Jesse Butterfield, Mitch Hoschka, Justin MacCallum, Jeff Montgomery, Damony Simmonds, Jeff Williams and Dan Zubkowski

Boy do they grow ’em cute in the prairies. At 6ïž´2, 235 lbs, with blond hair and blue eyes, Butterfield plays football and gets good grades with style! He played two seasons at James Town College in North Dakota, a season with the Calgary Colts and one with the Okanogan Suns. With the Dinos, Butterfield played as a running back. He finished his career with the Dinos, with a total of nine catches, 59 yards receiving, 112 yards rushing and one touchdown.

Hoschka. What can you say about such a player? Hoschka is from rural Alberta and had the size and strength necessary to become not only a solid varsity player but a legend in his own time! Unfortunately, injuries prevented Hoschka from developing into a starter earlier in his career with the Dinos, but he had the physical attributes to make a substantial contribution along the offensive line. A severe knee injury forced him to miss most of the 2000 season and the start of the 2001 season, but he started several games late in 2001. Hoschka is one of the hardest working players on the team and one of the nicest. Now finishing his fifth year with the team, Hoschka was counted on to supply leadership and experience along the offensive line. He is a fourth-year psychology major. This football player was not only one of the best on the team, but has a heart of gold.

MacCallum is excellent proof that not all athletes are meatheads! MacCallum has an undergraduate degree in biochemistry­–a far cry from something easy–and is in the process of acquiring his masters in the same area. He’s been a CIS All-Canadian and has received numerous academic awards. He’d like to become Professor MacCallum and start his own research group. Not only does MacCallum have brains, he has the brawn to back it up! He has played five years with the Dinos as an offensive lineman and has been a solid force on the Dinos offence. MacCallum returned to football this year after a two year absence, wanting to finish off his football career with a bang!

Following the graduation of Ryan Folk and Agustin Barrenechea to the CFL, Montgomery was counted on to have a solid season and provide leadership as a vital linebacker for the 2004 season. He began his third season as a starter after spending one season in a reserve capacity and on special teams. He moves to the football extremely well and has excellent strength. Last spring he participated in the CFL Futures game in Ontario along with Evan Haney and Dan Federkeil. In 2002 Montgomery recorded 42 solo tackles, four quarterback sacks, and a pair of fumble recoveries. In the 2003 season, Montgomery recorded 29 solo tackles, two sacks, and one pass interception. “Monty,” as his team-mates call him, is in his fourth year of social science. He finishes his last year with the Dinos tallying 37 solo tackles, many of which put opposing players in the hospital!

Simmonds has been a starter since joining the team in 2001 at the crucial defensive back position. In addition to being on the corner, Simmonds’s outstanding speed and sharpness was useful on various special teams as a returner. In the past, Simmonds spent time in Mexico building parks, houses, and churches for needy people as part of a mission. The Dinos acquired Simmonds’ amazing talent after he spent a season playing junior football in British Columbia. He was signed by the Calgary Stampeders as a free agent during last year’s off-season and attended their training camp which gained him valuable experience and respect among his team-mates. Simmonds is in his fourth year of kinesiology courses at the U of C. He finished his last year leading the team with a total of 37 solo tackles and three interceptions.

Willy! No, not Will Smith–but just as cute! If you’re any kind of CIS fan, you’ll know that Williams is a name mentioned in football just as often as Will Smith’s is on the movie scene. A bad boy on the field, a softie at heart, this BC native has been a pivotal force on the Dinos offence for five years. Starting as a receiver in 2000 then moving to running back in 2001, it seemed no matter what position he played, Williams excelled. Even after suffering a severe ankle injury in 2003, Williams continued to rise, earning a starting position for the 2004 season. Jeff scored 15 touchdowns in his first three years with the team and has since become the team’s leading rusher with 705 rushing yards and three touchdowns this season alone. Williams was ranked 13th for rushing yards in all of Canada and third in Canada West. With Jeff leaving this spring, there will be some awfully large shoes to fill for next year.

Zubkowski–affectionately known to his teammates as Zubby–joined the Dinos after spending a couple of seasons with the Calgary Colts of the Prairie Junior Football Conference. He has shown his ability to move to the football and his presence provided experience at the position. He saw considerable action as a reserve inside halfback before gaining a starting spot two years ago.

In the 2003 season Zubkowski intercepted two passes. He has been a CIS Academic All-Canadian the past three seasons and made the Dean’s List. Zubkowski is taking Education courses at the University of Calgary having already received his kinesiology degree. He finishes his career with the Dinos this season with 27 solo tackles under his belt.

Good luck to all our fifth-year players! Wherever you may end up, never forget you were Dinos of the highest regard!

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