Report Card: Wrestling


With a deep pool of talent including names like Damon Booth, Krista Wells, Joe Bentley, Brit Laverdue, Huy Nguyen and others, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the Dinos are a force feared across the West and beyond. They work like mad, and use their talent to kick ass like there’s no tomorrow.


Finding a team that worked harder is difficult. The men and women of grappling form one of the hardest working teams out of them all.


Mitch Ostberg is arguably one of the best wrestling coaches this country has. The Canada West women’s title, as well as countless other individual achievements on the mat, is a testament to the skills Ostberg has passed on to his proteges.


Individual medals at both the CW and Canadian Interuniversity Sport championships, along with wresting the CW women’s title away from the competitive Simon Fraser University Clan. This list of achievements sums up the Dinos’ butt-whipping rampage this season. Are more potential Olympic gold medalists on their way?

Overall: B+

Singer/Band: ABBA. The girls totally take centre stage, but the guys are pretty important too. Together, they’re a team, apart, they are nothing.

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