Julie Lee

By Emily Senger

Julie Lee isn’t like other country singers. Amidst the slew of radio-friendly, pop-infused country permeating the airways, Julie Lee has managed to create a debut CD true to her country, bluegrass and gospel roots. Fitting itself somewhere between Alison Krauss, who adds some beautiful harmonies to the songs Many Waters and Beautiful Night, and the… Continue reading Julie Lee

Spun: Weezer

By Garth Paulson

Weezer is one of those rare bands who no one wants to see change. If their fans had their way the band would be forever awestruck nerds releasing songs sounding incredibly similar to “Buddy Holly” and “The Good Life.” Fortunately this is precisely the path Rivers Cuomo and company have decided to follow. Their latest… Continue reading Spun: Weezer

Spun: Compay Segundo/Omara Portuondo

By Stephanie Shewchuk

Cuban music has a long-standing tradition of incorporating political attitudes with sanguine rhythms to produce an emotional musical recollection of Cuban history. The simultaneous release of two separate collections of songs from famed Buena Vista Social Club artists Compay Segundo and Omara Portuondo marks the ending of a romantic and classic era of Cuban music.… Continue reading Spun: Compay Segundo/Omara Portuondo

Spun: Kutless

By Chad Utke

Following the ever-so-popular trend in Christian music, dark rockers Kutless put out a worship album entitled Strong Tower, giving homage to their creator and saviour. All the big name Christian bands have done it and Kutless is just one more in a sea of faces. The CD does follow the formulaic standard among worship albums,… Continue reading Spun: Kutless

Spun: The Ditty Bops

By Nathan Atnikov

The greatest commodity in all of music right now is originality, something which the Ditty Bops self-titled album has no shortage of. One of the most refreshing releases in recent memory, the Bops fuse kitsch-country with folk while mixing in elements of ragtime on their se;f-titled debut. The first half of the album plants its… Continue reading Spun: The Ditty Bops

Spun: Mariah Carey

By Aneel Brar

Mariah Carey is like that crazy single aunt who used to be cool when she was younger but went a little crazy as time passed and the world changed. You still love her, but more for what she was ten years ago than for what she is now. Now you find yourself trying to avoid… Continue reading Spun: Mariah Carey

Theatre Preview: Getting intimate with Rogues

By Emily Senger

During an Apache Dance the performing couple plays the role of dominated and dominator, with the man pushing and slapping his partner around, using and abusing her physically and sexually. The dance doesn’t end until the man takes all he wants and declares it over. The latest production from Rouges Theater, Danny and the Deep… Continue reading Theatre Preview: Getting intimate with Rogues