Music Interview: No one’s against Against Me!

By Logan Niehaus

We’re all aware punk isn’t what it used to be. Our noses are rubbed in it every single day with the likes of Good Charlotte and Simple Plan mucking up the airways. Loud, political, poetic and refreshingly original are just a few descriptions of what these albums, made for bed wetting teenagers, are not. However,… Continue reading Music Interview: No one’s against Against Me!

Music Interview: No Chet is an island

By Katherine Fletcher

There are a couple of things you need to know about Kau’ai. First, it’s the oldest and northernmost of the main Hawaiian Islands–a paradise of various cocktails with colourful paper parasols and hula dancers mimicking the undulations of the ocean, the colour of which parallels the vibrant azure sky. Secondly, it’s the namesake of Chet’s… Continue reading Music Interview: No Chet is an island

Music Interview: Boca 45 opens ears his own way

By Sherri Shergill

Tune into any radio station in the city and chances are you’ll come across a song devoid of any originality. In today’s sales obsessed music industry it’s rare to find something able to set itself apart from the throngs of uninspired commercial offerings. Madonna, 50 Cent and U2 are all talented in their own right,… Continue reading Music Interview: Boca 45 opens ears his own way

Miss meat 2005

By Emily Senger

Finally, a news headline Canadians can be proud of. In a country where recent events in headline news have either been an embarrassing combination of political bickering and infidelity or the overpriced visit of an outdated monarch, there is finally a ray of light for Canadian news. On Mon., May 31, Natalie Glebova, better known… Continue reading Miss meat 2005

Physics class at 60 km/hr

By Chris Beauchamp

A group of high school students from across the province are getting some first-hand experience with physics–while hanging upside down and spinning in circles. Around 500 Grade 11 and 12 students from schools as far away as Fernie, B.C. attended the first of two one-day courses at Calaway Park. Students were asked to complete a… Continue reading Physics class at 60 km/hr

Teaching how to teach

By Nawar Belah

The first year of the Faculty Teaching Certificate program is complete, and it seems participating professors learned a thing or two. The FTC is intended for University of Calgary faculty members as a venue to enhance and expand their teaching skills. Funding for the program was provided from quality enhancement money given to the Students’… Continue reading Teaching how to teach

Cultural heritage preserved online

By Chris Beauchamp

A group of Grade 4 Blackfoot immersion students had a unique chance to learn and pass on the traditions of their people using new technology. The Stories and Spaces: Exploring Kainai Plants and Culture project had eight Kainai students from the Blood Reserve of Southern Alberta interview their elders and film the traditionally oral teachings… Continue reading Cultural heritage preserved online

U of C goes greener

By Emily Senger

The University of Calgary is getting a little greener thanks to a $38 million deal with Direct Energy Business Services. The evolve project, announced in April, is a joint venture between the university and Direct Energy, aiming to meet some of the U of C’s sustainability goals through energy-saving techniques. A portion of the Direct… Continue reading U of C goes greener

Zelinka soars

By Dale Miller

A long time Dinos Track and Field champion will be setting her sights a little higher by representing Canada at the Amateur Athletic Federation World Track and Field Championships in Helsinki, Finland, Aug. 5-­14. Jessica Zelinka, a fourth-year communications student and pentathlon specialist won her spot at the world championships after winning a stunning 11th… Continue reading Zelinka soars