Spun: Mae

By Richard Freeman

On their sophomore album, The Everglow, pretentious pop-punkers Mae attempt to convince us they are deep. Instead they only end up convincing us emo has reached a whole new level of suck. Mae’s drummer, and apparent intellectual, Jacob Marshall cryptically describes the band’s vision for the album asking “…what would music look like if you could see it? What would if feel like and how would it taste?” Judging from The Everglow‘s first song, “We’re So Far Away”, music tastes like bad cheese and burnt emo bangs. The song opens with slimy Andrew Lloyd Webber-esque piano and vocal dithering, the bad cheese immediately starts tickling the gag reflex.

Mae then drop into their staple sound of hollow whining vocals and prefabricated pop-punk riffs borrowed from the likes of Simple Plan, Brand New and the endless list of other bands releasing the same pap. The combination of the two sounds is enough to force a raging torrent of vomit from the very depths of the bowels, proving, on some level, Mae really are deep. The monstrosity of the first song consumes the rest of the album which defecates on the palate in a similar fashion.

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