Spun: Wednesday 13

By Josh LaVoie

There aren’t enough albums intending to be nothing more than stupid fun. When the Murder Doll’s Wednesday 13 set off to produce a solo effort, he did so without taking himself too seriously, the resultant album, Translyania 90210: Songs of Death, Dying, and the Dead, is a satirical homage to B list horror movies. While keeping with this tongue-in-cheek theme, Wednesday 13 manages to produce an incredibly infectious, and at times hilarious composite of punk and horror rock.

The highlight of the album is the single “I Walked With a Zombie” in which Wednesday 13 tells the listener about his date with a zombie girlfriend. Lyrics such as “Her ice cold touch feels so right” make you want to both cringe and sing along.

Exhibiting strong influences from shock rock artists like Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie throughout Translyvania 90210, most notably in “I Want You…Dead’s” wall of guitar, Wednesday 13 has managed to make a spoof of horror rock so bad it’s good, just like those B list movies he draws inspiration from.

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