Parkade takes it easier on drunks

By Dale Miller

New hours and pay-on-entry parking is making life easier and safer for penny pinchin’ parkers and parkade employees alike.

The Arts Parkade recently switched its pay booths to the parkade’s west side and is now charging the five dollar fee on entry rather than exit. The change allows parking services to move the lot’s closing time from 1am to 9pm, saving on personnel costs.

“It was mostly for economic reasons,” said Ancillary Services Manager Susan Austen. “With the pay-on-entry system we can close it down much earlier.”

Aside from economic reasons, safety for parking employees will improve with the reduced hours.

“It was a concern having staff on that late,” said Alberta Union of Provincial Employees Local 52 Chair Shirley Maki, who was pleased with the change.

People accustomed to staying late on campus to party, work or avoid paying parking fees also benefit from the change, as the gates will remain open and parking will be free outside the parkade’s operating hours of 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The loosening of time restrictions doesn’t mean drivers can abuse the system and park in Arts Parkade over night.

“One would hope that people wouldn’t do that,” said Austen. “If there is a pattern of abuse, we’ll probably start chalking tires.

In case of dire emergency or drunkenness, however, Austen says the chaulking probably won’t be before noon the next day.

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