Soccersaurs spread their wings and soar

By Sean Nyilassy

When it comes to sweet starts, the Dinos women’s soccer team are off to one comparable with the Olsen twins. Now, the trick is to figure out how that success can keep going as long as it has for little baby Michelle from Full House.

Perhaps a publicist could do the trick, maybe even make-up artists, choreographers and a father-figure like Danny.

Fortunately, the soccersaurs Head Coach Robin Slot will be there to guide this team through the season in the manner they have begun it.

Their first games took place Sept. 10-11 against the University of Regina Cougars, and there were few points of concern that arose for future games.

“We’re still working with formation,” Slot pointed out. “It’s a different formation we’ve never used.”

Whatever Mighty Duck Flying V magic the team is trying, it seems to work. Friday’s game saw goals from five different Dinos, with no replies from the Cougars.

Lindsay Jackson opened scoring less than 15 minutes into the game, then, in an act of unselfishness, fed a sweet pass to Kara Sturk for a goal about 20 minutes later.

Susan Wandler added the next notch off a corner kick by Jessica Horning–who scored shortly thereafter.

Erin Ramsay tapped in the final goal with just five minutes left to play. Sturk helped with assists on the final two goals.

The Dinos embarrassed the Cougars 5-0.

“We knew what we were capable of,” Slot confidently said. “Though Regina might not be the best, we can compete with any team.”

The punishment continued into the following game. Sturk opened scoring and eventually earned herself a hat-trick.

Ramsay had two goals to her credit, while Shirley Blundell added one final goal to boost the Dino total to six. Again, the Cougars had no answering goals. Suckers.

Wandler, Jackson and Horning each assisted with two goals.

With these two wins under their shorts, the Dinos have a promising season to look forward to. Two rookies who are expected to excel this season are Katie McKilligan of Vancouver and Katie Blundell, who competed in the Alberta Summer Games.

Along with the additions, the team has strong returnees. Slot is confident performances could even improve.

“We don’t have a full squad yet,” he explained. “There’s still a couple out with injuries, so we will be better. But I was pleased with how we performed.”

Time will tell as the team travels to face the University of Alberta Pandas Fri., Sept. 16 and the University of Saskatchewan Huskies Sun., Sept. 18.

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