Undefeated but not unbeaten

By Sean Nyilassy and Amanda VanSteelandt

The Dinos women’s soccer squad were on the road for a pair of games that went together like pickles and cinnamon sticks Fri., Sept. 16 and Sun., Sept. 18. They first visited the Pandas at the University of Alberta and traveled on to meet the Huskie women at the University of Saskatchewan.

Our ladies got off to a good start–probably still high from the gasoline fumes on the bus, and their totally fabulous wins the previous week. Kara Sturk stuck one behind the Pandas’ keeper on a penalty kick 15 minutes into the game.

Then the fumes began to wear off. As the shakes of withdrawal set in, the hallucinations became a reality. Alix “Bondage” Strap accepted a pass from Laura Perry and found a net to tie up the game.

For the remaining 50 minutes of the game, the score remained bound. Though each team saw a few opportunities to escape with a win, the whip had been cracked and the cuffs were on.

The tie was Alberta’s second but added an ugly 1 to Calgary’s previously perfect 2-0-0 record.

The Dinos hoped to get back to their high on PotashCorp Park, but couldn’t figure out how to use it.

They got to work right away, with Sue “Magic” Wandler putting one past the Huskie goalie just 10 minutes into the game.

And the Magic Wandler didn’t stop waving then. She pulled a ball back into play from her bag of tricks, which was picked up by Shirley Blundell. The Huskie goalie thought she would surely blunder the shot, but it hit the top-left corner, giving our ladies a two-goal lead.

Under the weight of the Huskie team, the lead collapsed. The U of S tied the game with goals just before and just after the halfway mark. But that’s where the game stalled.

Dino goalie Andrea “Roll in the” Hayes did a great job holding off the Huskie onslaught until they took matters into their own hands, cleating her in the face.

But their efforts were for naught: the game stayed tied. The Dinos host the University of Lethbridge Pronghorns on campus at noon Sun., Sept. 25.

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