Midterm Review: Rugby


The Dinos rugby club isn’t actually a varsity team, but they were still able to attract some new talent this year. On the women’s side, Nicky Kolskog was invited to try out for Canada’s national team. Unfortunately, the ladies weren’t able to organize many games to show their stuff. On the men’s side, Neil Cosco’s fitness and jinking runs kept the team moving forward, making him their stand-out player.


One thing you can’t fault the rugby club for was their effort. Not only did they keep up some clattering, head-on play against their opponents in chilly fall weather, but also raised funds for the Brian Collins and Joah Atkinson Memorial Scholarship.


The rugby club had a committed coaching staff drawn from alumni players who continue to be involved with the club. Head coaches Tammy Durham and Dave Lougheed, a retired national player, brought plenty of experience to impart on the Dinos.


It was a big task for the men’s rugby team to repeat their double trophy-winning season of 2004. It turned out to be too much to ask. The men spanked the perennial whipping-boys at Mount Royal College and the University of Lethbridge, but didn’t come close against the University of Alberta.

Overall: B-

Animal: Stag. In the animal world, they crash into each other repeatedly, attempting to gain dominance. In the human world, it’s a type of party full of alcohol and nudity–much like the rugby club, where the guys are always into the beers and (unfortunately) stripping down.

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